Up, Up and Away

We are now proud to say that we have taken to the skies.

As good as our team are at showing each and every property off to the best of its potential with our advice on presentation and staged photo shots, we felt that some properties simply needed to be placed in their surroundings to get a true appreciation of what you are getting for your money and to simply set the scene.

We would love to take the credit for this however this came from one of the editors over at ‘Coast’ Magazine that we have had several properties feature within and hope that this will continue with many more in the future. They requested photography that set our properties in relation to their waterside locations that on many properties simply can’t be done by traditional methods.

So we are now proud to announce that any properties that would benefit from aerial photography, will get this when selling through Morris and Bott, and that’s not simply waterside properties, however those on hillside locations, complexes of properties or those that have just that something special about them, we will arrange for these aerial shots to be taken at no cost to the sellers.
These are just a couple of the shots that we had taken on a recent shoot:

Upcott, Bideford
Upcott, Bideford