Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

We appreciate that homes are for living in and that very few of us manage to maintain show home conditions, however we all judge a book by its cover so the better it looks the more interest a property will generate. Here’s some simple handy tips to show your property in its best light:

mb-tick  First Impressions, it’s the old cliché yet they really do count. Look to keep the front of the property clean and tidy, with if at all possible lawns trimmed and hedges cut. Try to keep the driveway clear and keep gates open for easy access for viewings.

mb-tick  Day and Night, with Morris and Bott doing viewings to suit buyers and sellers, not all will be during bright day light, so keep a warm welcoming light on, and make sure that all signage is easily visible. Many serious buyers will look at the property at different times of the day and night, so it pays even if no viewings are booked in.

mb-tick  Family pets, not everyone is keen on pets, so try and keep them out of sight and sound during viewings.

mb-tick  The view, make sure it can be seen in its best light by having the windows cleaned regularly so buyers can see what lies outside the window.

mb-tick  A touch up here and there, a full redecoration is not required, just tend to the odd bit of peeling wall paper or damaged paintwork will always help.

mb-tick  Broken light bulbs or leaky taps, in isolation don’t seem like a big thing but by keeping on top of these small things will give the impression of a well-cared for house, and if not done, ‘what else hasn’t been maintained?’

mb-tick  Safety first, remember to keep any walk ways or stairs free from clutter or discarded shoes.

mb-tick  Kitchens the heart of any home, very often the biggest turn on or off of the home, so keep the kitchen clean and well-ordered and always keep on top of your washing up.

mb-tick  Tidy bedrooms, a well-made bed and clutter free floors will make the room more welcoming and seem bigger.

mb-tick  Bathrooms, nice and simple, keep them clean and fresh, discoloured baths and leaky taps won’t help.

mb-tick  Dumping ground, storage space sells, so rather than keep all the items that you’re going to bin when you move anyway, think ahead and keep storage cupboards, attics and basements tidy.

mb-tick  Crowded house, try and keep the number of people to a minimum when potential purchasers are being shown around, as it will serve to make the house seem smaller and any guests feel like they are intruding in your home.