Open 7 days a week

‘What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours’ 

Never a finer verse sung than by the Grammy award winning artist Dinah Washington, but what pray tell does this have to do with estate agency in North Devon?

North Devon has for a long time attracted buyers from all over the country to reside and set up home here, and its easy to see why with our miles of unspoiled golden sandy beaches, breath taking rugged coastline, picturesque villages and rolling countryside. With couples and families taking long weekends to explore the area and to look at their next potential family home, why be closed on a prime day like a Sunday? Here at Morris and Bott we don’t want to miss any opportunity to sell your most treasured asset, your home, so are here 7 days a week.

This is never truer than on homes at and towards the higher end, where we are reliant on buyers from away who are looking to relocate or invest in the area.

At Morris and Bott not only is our door open 7 days a week taking enquiries and arranging viewings, however we are also available to conduct viewings, and make the most of the increasingly popular house hunting Sunday!