To Brexit or not to Brexit, that is no longer the Question!

Whatever your political leaning or your thoughts on whether the European Project has been a success or not is now irrelevant. Britain has made its decision to part ways with the continent in what was dubbed ‘British Independence Day’.

Having woken up and heard the confirmation that this was the case, to say I was shocked would have been an understatement, with the pollsters predicting that this could never have happened. (However we had been here before with the General Election in May of last year and the surprise Conservative majority.)

I looked out the window to see if what was predicted by the doom and gloom merchants Armageddon had actually happened. However to my surprise the sun still shone the birds still flew!

Despite the initial stunned stock markets, with the FTSE and the value of the £ both dropping like a stone overnight we have since seen them both rally to pre Brexit levels as markets adjust to life post Brexit.

How has this affected the North Devon Market though?

After some initial uncertainty in the local market with us here at Morris and Bott experiencing a couple of sales falling through citing fears of Brexit and a couple of homes leaving the market as a result, it feels as though there is a degree of…….. Brexit who?

Both sales and enquiries have returned to the pre-referendum levels and in many cases have surpassed. We have also seen properties within the higher end recover albeit at a bit of a sluggish pace.

The fact of the matter that continues to underpin the general housing market as a whole is that Supply is still yet to satisfy demand, so property in our opinion will over the longer term continue to be a good investment.

Our advice to those debating property investments……..