Groundhog Day!

Three years, two general elections, an EU referendum and a TRUMP!

Just when you think that we can breathe a sigh of relief about no longer hearing political point scoring, vastly inaccurate polls and predictions, battle buses and those dreadfully put together and painful party election broadcasts, General Election 2017 decides to come to the fore!

Vendors are already asking how this will affect them and the price of their home. In my humble opinion, I have been telling them, in Lord Kitchener’s famous words, to simply ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Easter always marks the traditional start of the selling season on our beautiful corner of the British Isles. Here at Morris and Bott enquiries are up for both buyers and sellers showing perhaps that the election weary public will ignore the overhyped drama in the media and go about daily life.

If you’re thinking of moving and want to discuss your options please do call us 7 days a week on 01237 459 998.


*Trump image sourced from

*Battlebus a gettyimages.