F for fail? Landords beware!

Zoopla on the move

It is quite likely that most people aren’t aware of the 2015 Energy Efficiency Regulation, and from our experience that includes quite a few residential property landlords too. It is possible that around one in every ten properties will not be able to be let as a residence, from April 2018!

These regulations will make it unlawful for landlords to grant a new lease of residential properties that have an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating below E, unless the property is registered as an exemption.

Buyers beware! It seems that this is a long way off but complacency can prove expensive. For many the ubiquitous EPC reports which now accompany the marketing of every property, will all of a sudden perhaps be given more than a passing glance. This information is meaningful and could be very valuable.

The regulations will come into force initially for both new lets and the renewal of tenancies with effect from 1st April 2018, and then for all existing tenancies on 1st April 2020.

As with any legislation the devil is in the detail, and Morris and Bott is keen that both existing and potential landlords are aware of these regulation, so that landlords can obtain the appropriate professional advice and plan their strategy, making the most of the time available; just over 14 months, and counting!