2017 Interior design trends.

Interior design is changing! North Devon is a far cry from the trendy suburbs of London but it doesn’t mean that our homeowners aren’t on-trend! The colour for 2017 is Greenery — “a fresh, yellow-green shade of early spring”. We’ll there is plenty of greenery in North Devon, so we are leading the way already!

And, it might surprise you, patterns are back! Yes patterns! On the floors, furniture, on the walls, at the windows, into bathrooms.  Different materials; the latest designer buzzword being ‘materiality’. This could be interesting!

North Devon has some fabulous property, some having seen the subject of spectacular interior design projects, creating some very special homes which could easily adorn any lifestyle magazine. Morris and Bott estate agents frequently talk with buyers seeking  an individual property to make their own. What to some might be a traditional and indeed somewhat dated property, can with the right eye, and yes budget, be given a new lease of life. Some of the results are fantastic! There is no typical project. Some might undertake a purely commercial project, others look to create that very special family or retirement home. That little gem can still be discovered, for a small bolthole others a serious major project. There is a buyer for every property and different buyers see different things, that’s part of the challenge.

The Morris and Bott approach is to look at the options and potential of their client’s property and look towards the wider market. The word potential is undoubtedly overused, but for many buyers this is what they seek, and this has to be reflected in the agent’s marketing.  The agent needs to appreciate the scope and through their enterprise and enthusiasm when talking to potential buyers, highlight opportunities.

As interior design trends look like their are changing we feel that it is even more important to obtain advice and guidance about how to present your property for sale. However, remember, we’re not all the same and it will take time for these trends to arrive in North Devon, yes we are a long way from London, and for many, that’s just fine!

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