Zoopla is busier by a country mile!

I`m confused! Well, actually I`m not! Estate Agency Today is reporting on the January visitors to the property portals zoopla and onthemarket. Both are claiming records. However, surely the most important point has been missed. What is best for the clients? So it`s not confusing at all, the most visitors must be better for our sellers!

Onthemarket are pleased with their record 11.2m visits in January. “…. a fantastic achievement” says their Chief Executive Ian Springett. Zoopla are reporting a record too, with over 53 million visits! We don`t need a calculator do we!

“Well our vendor clients are only concerned with `now` and the exposure of their property to the widest market. They are not concerned with politics and a long-term strategy to build up traffic over years, that is for the benefit of the agents, many of whom have a shareholding in onthemarket. Those agents using onthemarket have to choose between zoopla and rightmove as a second site, they aren’t allowed to use both! Some use neither. Interesting!” reported Kevin Underwood.

There are pockets of support but the visitor figures are significant and with Zoopla, comes primelocation.com too, a very popular, quality site, great for the more individual higher price properties.

Kevin Underwood continued “Our strategy is clear. We act in the best interest of our clients and are one of few North Devon agents to market all of our properties on zoopla.com, primelocation.com and the busiest of them all, rightmove.com This combination is clearly the strongest in the market at the current time, which does reflect in the strong enquires received daily.

With so many people either buying holiday or second homes, or looking to move to North Devon from London and the south east, it is interesting that perhaps their go-to property site is zoopla, with is being the market leader where they live and it is what they are used to, whereas in Devon, the rightmove holds the number one spot. Whichever way, Morris and Bott have it covered!

Kevin emphasised “However, this is just the start, it`s how you use these powerful digital channels and then the stills and expertise once an enquiry is received. It is clear that clients expect the strongest online marketing coverage, and Morrris and Bott are happy to deliver.